Dariel Suarez

"An important emerging voice in the Literature of the Americas." Brown University Latina/o Studies.


December 2015

Search for a New Literary Agent.

So, a few months ago my literary agent decided to change careers. I’d often heard or read about writers who, for one reason or another, had found themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to start querying once more, after having previously signed with an agent they liked. In my case, this came at a crucial juncture: I was essentially done with my first novel and my collections of stories had been completed. It was a disappointing experience, particularly considering how much my old agent loved my writing and my stories about Cuba. However, I am deeply grateful to him for his thorough feedback and honest guidance. He prepared me for what might come in the future.

Consequently, I finished revisions on my first novel and have begun querying agents again. This is both an exciting and anxiety-filled time, but one which I am embracing with utmost optimism and confidence. I believe in my books, as well as my concrete plans for future works. It is only a matter of finding the right fit for my current manuscripts and continuing to grow as a writer.

I want to offer huge thanks to all of those who have shared in this journey with me, and especially to those who will continue to be a part of it.

Happy Holidays!


Cuba and Internet Access (or lack thereof).

This is an informative article on Cuba and the limited Internet access for its population. Worth a read.


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