THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE is a top ten book for June at Silver Unicorn Books!

THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE is one of Silver Unicorn Books’ top ten books for June! Honored to be alongside writers such as Clint Smith and Lisa Taddeo, as well as Carol Anderson’s important work. Please check out this fantastic bookstore and be on the lookout for an event I’ll be doing there soon!

Release of THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE a month away!

Publication day for THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE is exactly a month away! As always, deeply grateful to the everyone who has generously offered their support. This is the one time I’ll ask folks to preorder the book and share the link far and wide. Pre-sales make a huge difference in the success of a book, so please help me give this Cuban novel a happy and healthy life!

Selected to Best American Essays!!!

I was delighted to learn last week that Kathryn Schulz has selected my essay, “In Orbit,” originally published in The Threepenny Review, for inclusion in this year’s BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS anthology! Publication is scheduled for fall. I’m immensely grateful to Wendy Lesser for giving the essay a home in one of my dream journals and to everyone who read early versions before it went out into the world.

Publishers Weekly Review of THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE!

I’m so excited to have gotten this positive Publishers Weekly review for THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE!

“Fans of realistic political thrillers won’t want to miss this one,” it concludes. As someone who really cares about plot, I take it as badge of honor that they tagged the novel as a thriller.

I feel so incredibly fortunate and grateful for all the people who’ve helped me with this book along the way!

University of Maine at Farmington Visit!

Excited to be reading at the University of Maine at Farmington as part of their Visiting Writers Series this Thursday at 7:30pm!

ARCs of my Novel are Here!

Debut Novel has Release Date and is Available for Pre-Order!

I’m super stoked to share that the release of my debut novel, THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE, has been officially set for June 15th, 2021. And, the book is already available for pre-order! Please bear with me over the next few months, as I try my best to get this Cuban novel (which deals with art, politics, a surveillance state, journalism as activism, exile, and family tragedy) off the ground. Your support is much appreciated ❤️🇨🇺

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