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GrubStreet Blog Post

I put together a little write up about the relationship between creative writing and cinema, and how writers might benefit from watching classic and foreign films.

Big thanks to the folks at GrubStreet for including it in their blog, Grub Daily!



GrubStreet’s Brown Bag Lunch Series

I’m leading the next Brown Bag Lunch Series meeting at GrubStreet. It’s free and open to anyone who shows up. Come for writing exercises and the opportunity to meet fellow writers.

The meeting is next Wednesday between 12:30 – 1:15pm. If you’re in the Boston area, drop by!

Cape Cod Writer’s Retreat Story Collection Class

I’m excited to be teaching this one-day class at the Cape Cod Writer’s Retreat in March! The class will deal with how to put together and promote a story collection.

The retreat takes place in the offseason at the historic Inn At the Oaks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to stay at a beautiful place filled with artistic energy, meet with other writers, and take Saturday classes on several topics.

Please feel free to share with anyone who you think might be interested. It is recommended that you sign up for the class by contacting the Inn and making your reservation for the retreat as early as possible. Here’s the contact info:

Phone: 508-255-1886


Teaching Fall Class

Very happy to share that I’m going to be teaching at GrubStreet again in the fall! The link to the class is below. It’s meant for all levels of fiction writing.

Please share with anyone who might be interested!

Teaching at Grub Street!

I’m excited to share that I’m going to be teaching a Fiction II class at Grub Street this summer. Details are available on this link:

It’s a semester-long course focusing on workshops of students’ stories. If you have friends or former students in the Boston area who might be interested, please let them know!

I’m really happy to be joining the Grub Street family as an instructor and helping writers improve their work!

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