Los Angeles Review of Books: “An impressive debut.”

I was very happy to see this wonderful review of The Playwright’s House in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

“The characters in Dariel Suarez’s impressive debut novelrepresent the broad spectrum of people that make up present-day Cuban society. The novel shows a generation and a country with its own challenges and difficulties, but despite many hindrances, this Cuba, like the story’s main character, is still capable of evolving in its own time.”

National Hispanic Heritage Month Event

Super excited for this event with the amazing Jenn De Leon. Come joins us as we kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month with Bookworks and the National Hispanic Cultural Center!

Finalist for the Rudolfo Anaya Award!

The Playwright’s House is a finalist for the Rudolfo Anaya Award at the International Latino Book Awards. Ceremony and winners announced in October!

Brooklyn Book Festival

Very excited to the presenting The Playwright’s House at the Brooklyn Book Festival in October!

Book Review in Latino Stories

Grateful for yet another thoughtful review of The Playwright’s House, this time in Latino Stories:

“With a plot that blends family stories and national history, this is a beautifully layered book that shows Cuba through the eyes of a native.”

Last Virtual Event of the Summer!

Thank you all for having made the release of my debut novel quite a special moment in time. This Thursday, I have the last virtual event of the summer for The Playwright’s House at the fantastic Politics and Prose Bookstore. I’ll be in conversation with Cuban-American writer Achy Obejas, who has been a huge inspiration and influence for many years. Given everything that’s going in Cuba, this one feel unique and important. Please help share and come talk with us if you’re free ❤🙏🇨🇺

Latinx in Publishing Interview Feature

Very grateful for this really cool interview feature (novel excerpt and Cuba photos included) on The Playwright’s House in Latinx in Publishing!

The Playwright’s House Coming to New Mexico.

I’m so looking forward to the next summer event for The Playwright’s House. I’ll be sharing the virtual stage with the amazing Jenn De Leon and her fantastic essay collection White Space. We’ll read, we’ll converse, we’ll get serious, and we’ll goof around. Come get a dose of Latinx culture with us at the super cool Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse in Santa Fe!

The Massachusetts Review: “We readers spend time in a Havana more familiar to me than that in any other book I’ve read in English.”

There are too many quotable moments to excerpt, but this review of The Playwright’s House in The Massachusetts Review got so much of the book’s intent:

“Suarez’s beautiful debut novel will leave you wanting to live in that world, hoping for a drink with these brothers and sisters, hoping for a better world, and a freer Cuba.”

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